The Death of a Friend and Elder

I am deeply sadden by the loss of my friend and elder, Paul Tyler. Paul was one of those rare individuals who you run across that truly had the Word of God hidden in his heart. God’s Word was Paul’s joy and he spent over the last 35 years memorizing huge portions of Scripture. He was like a walking Strong’s concordance. You could give him a few words and he could quote the entire passage and give you chapter and verse. Not only was this Word hidden in his heart, it was reflected in his daily life. He lived, as best as he could as the grace of God would allow, what he had read from God’s Holy Word. Paul was not arrogant in what he knew, but loving and caring of peoples’ souls. He was a simple man; A waterman, who loved the outdoors. Great solace was found as he reflected on the creative power of his God and King. One wonders sometimes about the perfect will of God and his ultimate plan of working everything for good to those that love him and are called according to his purpose. What good was the death of a man who had so much to offer? Paul died saving his wife after their house caught on fire. He got her out with just singed hair. Elder Paul died moments later after returning inside the house to retrieve personal articles. He was 74. I was his pastor.


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