Discipleship: A Life In Christ

In 1993, God enabled me, by His Grace, to make a decision that changed the course of my life. The resolution was to follow Jesus. It was not an easy vow, but it proved to be the best I ever made. The costs of following Jesus were counted, added up, and I plunged head-long into a wonderful relationship with God that I have never regretted. Since that time, the course of discipleship began and continues as I write. The Master is in an on-going training with me and those like me (born-again believers), to complete the work He started. It is with this thought in mind, that the following posts will describe a Life of Discipleship. Always learning, always growing, always falling down and getting up, and always keeping my eyes focused on the Master/Teacher.

The Christian’s life is one of discipleship; constantly pressing toward the upward call and prize which is in Jesus Christ. Striving by the power of the Holy Spirit to be restored into that God-like image that was severely marred (or should I say destroyed) at The Fall. It is a process which allows Christ-likeness to be manifested in all areas of our lives. Regardless of what we think, say, or how we act, it is to be that Christ is shown in every aspect.

The endeavor is not an easy one. It is not something to engage in half-heartedly. This transformation will take great discipline, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The enemy will try to hinder the work that Jesus wants to accomplish in you. He may try to assault you from many fronts, but a greater One than satan is present. At times your flesh will rise up and say, “No more! No more!” However, we must put to death the old man and let the new man reign and control the direction in which we are headed. The task set before us in discipleship will be a fight. The good fight of faith must be waged in order for the process to be completed. There are moments when we would want to shrink back, but we must press on to allow the fullness of God to be glorified in us as we follow hard after Him.

Discipleship may carry us places we never thought of going or even wanted to go.  Battle lines will be drawn and choices will need to be made on what side we stand. If we stand true to the faith which is in Jesus Christ, we will be victorious and we will climb to greater heights in the Lord. Let us gird ourselves with the whole armor of God, preparing ourselves for living and growing in the great grace of our God and King Jesus Christ. Journey with me now as we delve into discipleship, it’s costs, pains, heartaches, and more so it’s triumphs and victories. May the rod and staff of our great and Good Shepherd bring comfort in our journey.


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